Chairman’s Message

In a Country with huge population and manpower availability we at SSM College of Engineering have dedicated ourselves to impart quality education with precision in skill and also we strive to develop the overall personality of the student to become a responsive individual in general and a skillful professional in particular. We can’t predict, but we can ensure that our student turns out to be most knowledgeable professional, that they will make a difference to creativity and skillfully guide the next country of progress and excellence. The topography of the campus is ideally suited for both academic and extra-curricular activities and this gives a long way in making our student a thoroughbred professional capable of emerging as valuable contributory assets for society.  


Dr. Qazi Shabir Ahmad

Secretary(IIPA), J&K (UT)

Life Member (ISTE)

Vice-Chairperson's Message

The role played by education in the development of societies across the globe can not be overemphasized and with the advent of technology importance of imparting technical education has become all the important. It has been an endeavor of the College to make necessary up-gradation of infrastructure commensurate with advent of latest technologies so as to prepare students for facing challenges posed by fast changing technologies in their respective fields of specialization. The advantage of congenial settings of the campus for both circular and extra-circular activities are appropriately blended with quality improvement in educational skills helpful for students in serving the society in the best possible way.


Mrs. Dilafrose Qazi

Educationist/Social Worker

Noble Peace Prize Nominee


Principal’s Message

The antediluvian systems which were articulated decades ago need to be changed. An education system needs to be framed which inspires the students. We need to have educated system which is of high quality, affordable, flexible and relevant to the industry, economy and society as a whole. Thus, a revised education needs to be formulated which will bring change in the economic climate globally. Education should consist of life skill, experience, team work and problem solving. This needs to be asserted through practical activities linked to academic subjects and vocational trainings. With this aim the SSM College of Engineering is running UG and PG courses in various disciplines providing skilled manpower to industry and multinational companies. The college has competent teachers, state of art infrastructure, efficient administration and visionary management. The college provides skilled based engineering courses to groom the students to face challenges of cutting edge technology. The great thing about the college is that anybody joining the college in any capacity such as student, staff or faculty, joins as a member of SSM family and works for the upliftment of students and society and above all towards the mission of the college. I wish that students to join our college, learn through guidance of our highly qualified teachers, become skilled engineers and technocrats, excel in their profession and serve the society with dignity and honour.


Dr. Sajad Hussain Din